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Scanning Procedures - Admin Review

The Medical Record Archive Document Management System (MRDMS) works by having different folders on a server represent different types of files and activities. 

Overview of each folder:

  • scannerinput: This is where scanned documents will reside until processed.
  • renameinput: This is where manually renamed files* reside until processed. *The manual renaming process is described below.
  • pdfinput: This is where archived records from SpecVet* will reside until processed. *SpecVet archiving process in another attached file.

Manually renaming procedure:

Scanned documents are in the "To Review & Rename" folder when a 2-D barcode is not on the page, partially missing, blurred, or skewed on the page.  It is important to review these files on a regular basis, to minimize data loss in the patient files.

Identify each document with a PDF reader to determine the correct Patient ID and Case ID numbers.  If a reader is already installed on your computer, simply double-click the file icon.  Once the Patient and Case IDs are determined, close the file and rename it with the following naming convention:


There must be six digits following the P (Patient ID designation) and the C (Case ID designation).  The Patient ID and Case ID numbers must have leading zeros if either number has fewer than six digits.


Patient ID 1234, Case ID 56789 should have a file name of P001234-C056789.pdf

Once renamed, move the file to the folder "renameinput".  From that folder, the file will automatically transfer to the correct patient folder.

Continue with this process for each file in the "To Review & Rename" folder.