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Creating a New Visit Prescription

Create a visit prescription form the Rx's tab of the visit Record.   Once a prescription is created, the medication can be dispensed, prescribed to the client or prescribe to an outside pharmacy.

Prescriptions can be selected from a pick list of in house medications.  Formulary items can have a pre-selected templates to speed up prescription writing.

Navigate to Visit Rx Tab and select blue "+ New Rx" Tab

After selecting the new Rx button, two windows open. A new Rx window and a select prescription item.

Use the search field and/or Drug Category filter to find the desired medication.  If a user wishes they can cancel the "Select Prescription Item" and free type the desired medication .

If it is desired that this prescription is dispensed, you must choose from the pick list in order to add the correct inventory item and associated charges.

After a drug is selected from the formulary list a default Rx Template populates Rx Details. (If there is a template set up for that particular Rx Item)

There are 4 steps to complete the desired prescription

1)  Enter the Rx Information

use the auto entered template or pull down lists to quickly complete Rx and then "Build Rx Text".  Alternatively just free text in the yellow text area which approximates the space available on a prescription label.

2) Select the number of desired refills (0 -10)

3) Review the dispensing information for correct price and provider. You have an option to select different provider if desired.

4) Select one of the desired action.  Read here for details

  • Dispense
  • Rx to Client
  • Rx to Pharmacy
  • Review which saves Rx without action or
  • Delete the Rx