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Visit Owner vs Presenter

SpecVet has a feature where a visit's  financial responsibility can be assigned to someone other than the normal owner.  The key benefit is that the medical record information is kept under the original patient so there is continuity in the medical record.   (ie. ... their aren't  2 Fluffy Smiths with separate medical records)

Two common examples  of the use case for this feature are below.

Example 1) RDVM requests an imaging study to be read or performed (CT, Rads, MRI etc).    His/Her clinic will pay for the study and have communications with the client.    The bill will be assigned to and sent to the RDVM however the medical records for that visit will still be kept under a single patient with no disruption in information flow

Example 2)  A boarding facility brings in a pet for medical care while the pet is under their supervision.   The pet is bit by another boarding pet.  It is determined that the boarding facility should be financially responsbile.   You would assign the boarding facility as the "presenter" and the invoice would be assigned to them but the medical record information is kept under the original SpecVet  patient.

This feature should be used with caution as it may cause confusion with staff and client if not clearly understood