SpecVet / Cubex Patient Integration


When your clinic is integrated with Cubex, SpecVet will automatically admit the Patient & Visit to Cubex when a new Visit is created. so users are then able to find and select from the Cubex cabinets.



When a Visit is Discharged, SpecVet will "Discharge" the Patient & Visit from Cubex, so it is longer present on the Cubex touch screens.  

To emphasize, this is an automatic process when the Visit is Discharged. If the Visits stay on the Cubex screens, SpecVet may have had issues communicating with Cubex, and thus, you may need to Manually Discharge the Visit.

Manual Admits / Discharges

There are times when SpecVet will not be able to either Admit or Discharge a Patient/Visit from Cubex. Either the Cubex cloud services may be offline, the Internet may be down, or there maybe issues with the data within SpecVet. In this case it is possible for you to manually Admit or Discharge a Patient/Visit in Cubex.

  1. Navigate to the Visit Info Page
  1. Click on the Add'l Things tab.
  1. Click on either the "Add to IMS" button or the "Delete From IMS" button
Additional Troubleshooting

SpecVet should provide feedback via a dialog box when there are issues Admitting or Discharging a Patient/Visit from SpecVet. Please note, that the vast majority of the time there are issues, the problem rests with Cubex and their Cloud services, and you should contact Cubex Support for assistance.

Cubex Interface Support Line:  866-930-9251  Option 2