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Adding Providers (Columns) To The Schedule

To add additional columns to the Appointment Schedule follow the steps below:

1.   From the Home screen select "Appointment" button

2.   Confirm you have the correct Location selected at the top of the screen

3.   Select the blue "Preferences" button located at the bottom below the calendar

4.   A separate window will open.  Within this window select the blue "Providers" button in the top right corner of the window

5.   Within the SpecVet Appt. - Providers window you will select the blue "Detail" button at the top of the window next to the green arrows.  

6.   Select the green "New" button located at the top of the window

7.   Enter the information for the new column.  The Abbrev is for the abbreviated view on the dashboard, usually in all CAPS.

8.   The "sort ID" box is what position you would like the column listed in calendar.  Confirm the Site_ID and close.  

Once you have entered the information the system will regenerate.  This can take several minutes.  

NOTE:  In order for the column to appear in the appointment schedule all users must log out of SpecVet to be able to view the changes.