User Privileges

User privileges are managed under personal section of SpecVet.  A security password may be required to edit personnel records.  

Navigation is as follows:

Select the "Personnel" tab from the Home Screen

Navigate to middle tab "Privileges".  

  • Function privileges can be assigned or removed individually by using BLUE or GREEN arrows.
  • They can be assigned by setting a user to a be a predefined group and adjusted as needed.
  • They can be copied from a user who has a similar privileged set and adjusted as needed.  
  • If new privileges are created with a new update the default is that no one has that particular privilege and has to be added to the desired users individually.
  • If a user privileges are adjusted (adding new ones or removing ones) the user must log out of SpecVet.  Then next time that user logs into SpecVet the new privilege set will be loaded.