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Settings/PRIVs for Invoicing/Payments

This document provides a listing of the Setting and PRIVs related to Invoicing/Payments.


  • Payment.Void.Hours - Number of hours after a payment is entered, during which it may be voided via PRIV.
  • Payment.Backdate.Days - Number of days that a payment can be backdated via PRIV.
  • Invoice.Reopen.Hours - Number of hours after an invoice is closed in which it may be re-opened via PRIV.

In order to avoid unwanted operation in SpecVet, Settings should only be adjusted under the direction of a SpecVet representative.


  • FRP106 - Payments - Void within the time speci ed in setting Payment.Void.Hours
  • FRP300 - Reopen Invoice / Voice Payments Anytime (Super PRIV)
  • RP105 - Back Date a Payment up to the number of days speci ed in Payment.Backdate.Days
  • RP169 - Reopen Closed Invoices with the time speci ed in Invoice.Reopen.Hours


  1. “FRP” PRIVs can only be assigned by a SpecVet representative. Please call Technical Support for assistance.
  2. Once an invoice is closed, it is not possible to reopen it without PRIV RP169 or FRP300.
  3. A user with the PRIV to enter payments (P102) may adjust the Payment Type and Reference as long as the payment has not been reconciled.
  4. Payments can be voided with either PRIVs FRP106 or FRP300.
  5. Payments can be backdated with PRIV RP105.