Bill Code Increases / Price Adjustment

SpecVet provides administrators with a quick mechanism to do price increases, and it can simply on all Bill Codes, or just selected ones using either the Billing Category, or the Report Category.

While the Billing Category provides you with the "Revenue Center" where financials will accumulate, the Report Category is just a place where you can "Tag" a Bill Code with whatever category you like (eg: Chemo; Controlled Drugs; Do Not Increase) and then provides an easy mechanism for search either the Bill Codes, or Invoice Items for those categories.

The Price Adjustment area is contained within the Bill Code List screen, available either from the Setup Page, or from the main Items page.

To do an Adjustment (an increase, or a decrease by having a negative % adjustment):

  1. Select which Billing Codes you wish to adjust by selecting Billing Categories or Report Categories.  

Go to the Main Bill Code List, or Items>Bill Code area to Assign certain Bill Codes to a "report category" so you can easily find them again.

  1. Enter the percentage that you want to adjust. (SpecVet will auto-format/prevent certain ranges which are "not appropriate").
  2. Check the Next $ check box if you wish to force Bill Codes that are less than $10 to be increased up to the next dollar.
  3. Preview your adjustments.
  4. If things look good, select SAVE changes, else if you select "Done", the changes will not be saved.
  5. Select DONE, and return to the Bill Code List