Features & Benefits

The Software You Would Have Designed

SpecVet is the first veterinary practice management software designed specifically to meet the unique needs of specialty, referral and emergency veterinary hospitals.  Designed by veterinary specialists for veterinary specialists more than 10 years ago, SpecVet has proven itself irreplaceable in ER/specialty clinics around the country for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality.  With input from more than 30 veterinarians and administrators from ER/specialty centers around the country, SpecVet X is here providing an even more powerful, more intuitive and more suitable interface with specialized features catered to your specific needs.

SpecVet X provides the comfort in knowing you don't need to change the way you would like to work in order to appease the limitations of your general practice software. SpecVet X mimics the clinical and administrative workflows of an ER/specialty/referral hospital.  It is the ideal software for any clinical setting, providing flexibility while at the same time ensuring consistency and pinpoint accuracy.

Robust, powerful system

SpecVet X may be applied in an unlimited number of locations to an unlimited number of workstations with multi-level customized security and privileges.

Designed to meet the needs of todays' 24/7/365 practice, SpecVet-X backs up your clinical data on a consistent schedule ... and the best part is that no interruption to the user is necessary during our data backup process.

SpecVet also provides no record-lockout.  Multiple users can enter and update information to the same area of the system simultaneously.

An integrated messaging system ensures communication with all users, even to those who do not have a clinic specific e-mail account.

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Learn, Intuitive Interface

In less than half an hour, a visiting DVM or new employee can be up and running with the ability to focus on tackling the job at hand rather than an unfamiliar computer system.

No manual required. The system is so easy to use that a few training videos should be all you need to see to get started.

Powerful Search Capabilities Provides Information You Can Use

Our granular data structure allows you to search by virtually any data set type; search and filter by patient, location, client, DVM, technician, department, patient, referring DVM and more.  All the information you need is instantly accessible in an easily useable format at your fingertips.

Record Writing and Referral Letters designed for the Clinician

SpecVet-X’s reporting was designed for the clinician to echo real-world record keeping. With standard and customizable templates available, SpecVet X’s reporting system provides the flexibility to meet the different needs of each specialist type, while at the same time providing the form and structure to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Unlike other software, SpecVet-X allows you to assign multiple RDVMs to a patient and enter notes for each.  Users have the abiility to assign multiple RDVMs to a single visitsince any given pet may see multiple general practitioners during the course of its' life. When it comes time for an update, everyone concerned receives the same information quickly in a clear, concise and easily readable format.

In SpecVet X, all patient history is instantly accessible through a separate Patient History “Widget”.  There is no longer any need to leave current reports in order to refer to other reports.  Instead, users of the system simply refer to the available Widget integrated into SpecVet X's easy-to-use interface.

Every lab result is stored individually, rather than as one report.  SpecVet X provides the functionality to instantly search for and compare different values of interest.

 Requires Less Administrative Overhead and Captures More Fees

SpecVet X provides the oversight necessary to keep large organizations & specialty practices running smooth.  Track and filter pertinent information by any parameters you choose; DVM, department, patient, etc.  SpecVet also provides the user with the ability to track providers or sites by revenue, all in just a few simple steps.

SpecVet also gives users the ability to assign variable productivity as well as determine productivity percentages for different areas and/or clinicians.