Triage & Order Board

Triage/Orders - Large Screen Display

Large-screen displays can be hung in ICU, Imaging and the Laboratory to conveniently display all the orders to be completed by clinical staff. Incoming triages or appointments are displayed right there on-screen, visible to the entire room. Receptionists or technicians can conveniently add triages from the clinical dashboard which are then displayed both on the dashboard in SpecVet X and on the large screen display.

There is more running back and forth or calling in to update the triage board when you use SpecVet X.

Suggested Uses:
Display all orders by ER/CC service in ICU.
Display patient discharges and incoming patients via ER/CC or appointment list throughout the hospital.
Display ordered images or ordered laboratory tests in imaging or laboratory. 

Real-time key information your staff needs to know can be displayed on large-screen monitors throughout the hospital using SpecVet X.

Key Features:

Filter Orders to be displayed based on specific criteria:

  • Order Type (Lab-In vs Lab-Out, Imaging, Procedures, Discharges)
  • Clinician or Clinical Department
  • Order Status
  • Orders are automatically added and removed as they are completed or added 

Triage Board shows all key information

  • Signalment
  • Presenting Complaint
  • ETA or if the client/patient has arrived