Document Management

Document Management System

When using SpecVet X, there is no need for an individual to have to manually assign each document or know complicated computer file paths. Your files will be stored in a separate database to make access time quicker. Our unique interface allows your scanned documents to be available to users without having to leave the area they are working in. Write medical records, review labs and review a referring veterinarian's records all at the same time with SpecVet X.

Our software is intrinsically designed to store an unlimited amount of scanned documents with absolutely no change in system performance.

SpecVet's Unique Document Management System Saves Time & Ensures Pinpoint Accuracy

Key Features:

  • Apply a case label with our unique 2D bar code to any document
  • Scan the document with our robust network scanner
  • Our system reads the bar code on the document and automatically assigns it to right patient and/or visit
  • View multiple scanned documents at the same time

That's it ... no other steps needed!