Order Module

SpecVet's industry first ordering system allows users to order labs, radiology studies and procedures.   The ordering system will capture all the fees, print the requests if desired, and provide 100% accurate logging and tracking

Real Word Fee Capture !
Forget the hype surrounding electronic white boards.... they don't work and here are the reasons:
1) Often the interface is often problematic making people less likely to use it
2) Most don't match clinical workflows
3) Electronic whiteboards only address a small part of the larger issue; You don't miss the things you write down, you miss the things you don't (that extra bag of fluids... the extra extension set.. etc).

With our ordering module combined with SpecVet's IMS module ... automatically capture 60 -65% of all the charges in the hospital!

Key Features:

  • Each individual site has the ability to define workflow steps for specific needs and wants for any given order
  • Link to bill code(s) in order to automatically capture the fees
  • Automatically print your requisition forms for major reference labs
  • Send Demographic Data to In-House Stat Lab equipment
  • 100% accurate in replacing inaccurate manual lab and x-ray logs
  • Mount a large screen monitor in ICU, Labs, Radiology & more to view orders that need to be done in real-time!