ODBC Setup

Some clinics - and clinic groups (as of now, PetVetCare Centers & Pet Parnters) are utilizing an ODBC connection to obtain data from individual SpecVet clinics. This will try to show how you need to setup things.

  1. Get a copy of the "SpecVet_ODBC" FMP file onto the clinic's server & opened.
  2. Open the ODBC file in FMP, and edit the "ODBC" user name -- if needed.
ODBCSVPrntr > $pecODBCVet^^
  1. Check the SpecVet_DATA file and ensure that there is the same UN/PW combo for the ODBC user as well.
  2. The Privilege Set should be set to "[Read-Only Access]". EDIT the Priv Set, and ensure that Extended Privilege "Access via ODBC/JDBC" is checked off.
  3. In Server Admin page>General Settings>ODBC/JDBC, ensure it is enabled.