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Loading RDVMs from Outside Data

Assuming we are working with a Flat list of RDVMs with their Hospital name embedded in the record.

Assume that there is NOT a sepearate list of Clinics and RDVMs (individuals)

Typically in each row of the spreadsheet you will have a RDVM Individual and their related CLINIC.

SpecVet Script that manually does this process is "Manage RDVM"


  1. Start out with an Excel file titled: Flat RDVM Database.
  2. Determine if there is a proper / acceptable ID structure in the records. Make note if not.
  3. Import FileMaker DataLoad file.
  4. Sort by Phone Number
  5. Create a routine to build out RDVM (Clinic) and RDVM (Individuals)
    1. Create a Party Record for that Organization [ensure type is Org]
      1. Set Party FLAG_RDVM
    2. Create a Phone Record for each type of # we have [Typically Main & Fax]
    3. Create a RDVM Clinic Record
      1. Look for reporting preference, and set to PRINT if we do not have a Fax or Email
      2. Set the email and/or fax # for reporting.
      3. Lookup County from Postal Code
      4. Set Status to be active.
      5. Set Type to Org
    4. Create a RDVM Record [self join of clinic-clinic]
    5. Create a Party Record for the RDVM Individual in that Row
      1. Set Party FLAG_RDVM
    6. Create a RDVM Join Record [self join of Party [INDIV] to Clinic]
      1. If we have a preference for that user, set the comm method, else set to "Clinic Preferences"
      2. Set Status to be active.
      3. Set Type to Person
    1. If next record the phone # is same, repeat steps 4 & 5, else start at 1.