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Incomplete Faxes Being Sent

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT: RDVMs are not receing complete fax reports.

SV OPINION: Probably due to an issue with a fax mechanism at a particular RDVM. Typically if faxes are going out...they are going to make it.  Frequently customers will say that this is happening across the board...but that really is not true.


Let's first double check that there appears to be good faxes being sent out.  Then, once we have that, we can go back to the clinic with specific details, and ask for more info, since they probably didn't give it to us initially. •Log into, and take a look at the Call Log. Open the Advanced Features

  • Select the Extension for the clinic in question & the date range, and click on show.  You should get a list of calls (should primarly be Outgoing Faxes), their Result, as well as the Length. Typically it takes 1 minute to send a single page of a normal SpecVet Medical Record Report.
2. Additional Checks
  • Review the length of many of the calls... in the screen shot above, you will see that there are calls who's length are over 4 minutes. This implies that multiple pages of the fax have been sent.  If the clinic did not provide a specific RDVM who was having issues... suggest that we then contact the clinic back and ask for specifics since our logs seem to show that there are muliple page faxes being sent.



  • Login to Clinic Server: Take a look at our LOG file, and look for entries with "Server Side Control" as the AccountName, and "Email" as the Field.  The Action will house the actual email that we got back. It is "encoded" in our no so great encoding... but you can see the text, and then determine how many pages the fax was, and if it was successful or not.
Fax Transmission Results Here are the results of the 2[>45<]page[>13<]    fax you sent from your phone number [>40<]414[>41<] 376[>45<]6411[>44<] Ext[>46<] 11301[>58<] Name Phone[>13<]    Number Date and Time Result [>43<]17247767944 [>43<]17247767944 Tuesday[>44<] July 05[>44<] 2016[>13<]    at 03[>58<]18 PM Sent Your fax[>40<]es[>41<] included the following file[>40<]s[>41<][>44<] which were[>13<]   rendered into fax format for transmission[>58<] File Name Result V036168[>45<]53564[>45<]20160705[>95<]151031[>46<]pdf[>13<]    Success [

As you can see in the text above, it shows that there wa a 2 page fax that was sent successfully.

3. Next Steps
  • Contact client and ask for specific examples, indicating that you've reviewed their fax history, and that there are multiple page faxes being sent out.  

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