Help SiteClinic Users Visit RecordsVisit Record Header - what information can be viewed

Visit Record Header - what information can be viewed

When viewing a Visit, the blue colored area (Visit Metadata) and the rectangular icons below are consistent on all screens within a Visit.

  1. Visit Number and some status determined by color:

Active Visit 
Discharged Visit w/ Open Medical Record
Discharged Visit with Closed Medical Record

  1. Visit Status & Patient Location. You are able to click on either of those areas to set a new Status or Patient Location.
  2. Date & Time of Admit and Discharge and elapsed time of the Visit.
  3. Visit Icon Flags
    • Visit Info Notes (Upper Left)
    • Visit Tags [Flags & Alerts] (Upper Right)
    • High Balance Flag (Lower Left)
  4. Patient & Client Icon Flags
    • Patient Notes (Upper Left)
    • Patient Tags [Flags & Alerts] (Upper Right)
    • Client Notes (Lower Left)
    • Client Tags [Flags & Alerts] (Lower Right)
  5. RDVM Icon Flags
    • RDVM Notes (Left)
    • RDVM Tags [Flags & Alerts] (Right)
  6. Patient & Client Names and IDs.  Patient name will be red if patient is deceased. If there is a Visit Presenter, the owner name will be listed in parenthesis.
  7. Signalment & Reason For Visit / Visit Diagnosis (once set).
  8. Primary RDVM - Hospital and Individual RDVM (if selected).
  9. Patient Icon Flags
    • Patient Interactions present (Drug allergies, etc.)
    • Patient Temperment has been selected (Biter, Use leash, etc.)
    • Patient has items in their Master Problem List
    • Patient is Deceased
  10. Attending DVM who totally oversees care for this Visit.
    Current DVM who may be overseeing this Visit (overnights/weekends).
    Current Technician assigned to the Visit.
  11. Medical Record Status (open / closed)
    Visit Invoice Status (open / closed) - for any/all invoices for this visit.
  12. Approved Estimate Amount - Total of all of the estimtes attached to this visit that have been marked as approved.
  13. Visit Financial Totals - Totals of all of the billing for this visit (across all Visit Invoices); Sales Tax Total; Total Amount Paid; Total Amount Due for this Visit.  NOTE: These totals are just for this Visit, not any previous Visits that they Client continues to carry a balance.
  14. Navigation Buttons to areas within the Visit.
  15. Navigation Buttons to take you to the Patient, Client or RDVM screens.
  16. Button to Print a Visit Label
  17. Opens a small pop-up window for the Patient History Widget.


Tool Tip Notes: The ICON flags will have tool tips providing the appropriate information.  There are also Tool Tips you can hover over Patient / Client / RDVM name area.