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Non-Visit Prescriptions / Clinical Dashboard


After any non-visit prescription has been ordered and dispensed, its’ status is automatically set to .

To update prescription status & generate non-visit invoices, follow these instructions…

First, navigate to the clinical dashboard…

 After navigating to the Clinical Dashboard, scroll through the portals on the right hand side of the screen using the blue arrow buttons until the ‘Prescriptions’ module is visible.

Click the "Funnel" / Filter button in the upper left hand corner of the ‘Prescriptions’ module to filter by site, drug name, status and more.

Once the desired non-visit prescription has been located, select it by clicking on the prescription details within the ‘Prescriptions’ module List.


When the item is selected, it will appear highlighted in green and Non-Visit Prescription Information will populate to the left of the Prescription module.


Once the appropriate non-visit prescription has been selected and the prescription has been filled, the Non-Visit Prescription Information status must be updated from ‘To Be Filled’ to ‘Filled’.

To update the status, simply click on the appropriate button. For example, if the prescription has been filled, click on the “Filled RX” button.

The current status step is highlighted in yellow letters.

After the prescription has been filled and the status has been updated, it will be “Discharged” from the IMS and the completed prescription is to be given to the front desk.

Once a non-visit prescription has been picked up by a client, the status must be updated and marked as “Invoice/Pick-Up”, an invoice will automatically be created and the invoice ID will be generated and populated under the ‘Non-visit Prescription Info’ section of the clinical dashboard.

You can then click on the Button next to the Invoice ID to be taken to the invoice where you will need to then receive payment, and close the invoice.