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Managing Non-Visit Prescriptions

Once a "Non-Visit Prescription" is created SpecVet has created a workflow that helps clinical staff manage and track the process to ensure the medications are filled in a timely manner.

This workflow can be used for refills of existing medications or new medications to be dispensed.  The workflow uses the clinical dashboard and our custom whiteboards to track and notify staff status of the non-visit prescription.

Summary of Workflow Steps:

  1. Create New or Refill Existing Prescription
  2. Staff Monitors Clinical Dashboard or Whiteboard to view "medications to be filled"
  3. Staff proceed with actual filling of the prescription
  4. Staff updates the status to "Filled" and places the filled prescription in the appropriate location
  5. Client presents to front staff to pick up medication, (CSR can check status of medication)
  6. CSR can Invoice the prescription and proceed with checking out client

Detail of Workflow Steps

1) Create New or Refill Existing Prescription


Once a non visit prescription is created it can be viewed and managed from clinical dashboard or can be simply viewed from our custom whiteboard

If a clinic uses Cubex as part of their fee capture strategy creating new or refilling an existing will send demographic information to cubex so products can be removed under correct patient.

Updating the status  to "Filled"

The purpose of this step is two fold

  1. removes demographic information from cubex
  2. status the prescription correctly so that all staff know that it is ready to be picked up by client

Client Presents to Front Desk to Purchase and Pick Up the Prescription

Pro Tip:  Our recommendation is that the prescription is not statused until the client is physically at the desk to pick up and pay for the medications.  Our experience is that a large percent of prescriptions are not picked up (15% -25%).  This means that were would be a large number of open invoices with balances that then have to be managed

What happens if client doesn't pick up the medication or no longer wants the medication ?

Pro Tip:  We recommend a reasonable period of 10 -14 days unless there are specific notes in the prescription. Each clinic will have to set what they view as appropriate time frame.