Orphaned Labs

An orphaned lab is when a lab result has been imported into the system via in-house labs or out-side labs that are connected to SpecVet for importing result that for one reason or another have not matched up to the ORDER number in which the lab was created.  This may be due to a number of reason, the incorrect ORDER number being used or the lab system did not recognize the order number and and is unable to match the results to the correct patient order.  To match the lab results to the correct order follow the steps below.

Select the "Lab Interface" navigation button from the Home screen

1.  Within the Lab Interface select the "Review Orphaned Labs" button

2.  All orphaned labs will be listed with the "Visit Labs" as can be seen at the top of the screen with the "<<  >>" navigation buttons. They can be viewed by three areas:

  • Individual Results
  • Paragraph
  • Test History

3.  The "Test History" tab will generally provide the information that is needed to merge your test results with your order number. 

  *You may need to do a bit of research in order to find the correct information needed to merge the lab to the correct order and patient by reviewing each tab and referring back to the patient record.

4.  Once you have the information needed to merge the information together, enter the order number in the box provided and select the "Search" navigation button

5.  Enter the ORDER number into the search window and hit enter, the order will appear and you can then select the "Link to Order" button and the lab results will then appear in the patient record