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MRTs - Importing RDVM Salutation to MRT

When you create a MRT with a variety of visit variables, the majority of the variables are required fields and there for are always correctly and automatically entered when importing the  MRT.

 RDVM salutation is unique in that is not a required field.  If the RDVM salutation is not importing correctly or at all it is likely that the RDVM salutation is not completed properly.

If you see that behavior verify that the RDVM salutation is completed and is in the correct format.  Evaluate the screen shot below.

Navigate to the contact screen for that RDVM. 

Select the "RDVM Info" Tab

The "salutation for Letters" field is on the left side of the RDVM information.  It should be completed correctly.       Editing RDVM information is a controlled privileged, if you do not have that privileged contact your onsite SpecVet administrator to correct.

A clinic policy should be set as to the syntax for the salutation.    By example, 3 viable options exist.

1- Dear Dr. Beltz

2 - Dr. Beltz

3 - Beltz

If you would choose option 1, no other information would be included in the MRT as it relates to RDVM salutation.  If you would chose option 2 or 3, the other portions of the salutation need to be part of the MRT template.

By convention, option 1 is our suggested salutation entry.