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MRTs - Visit Variables and Place Holders

Visit Variables Overview

SpecVet MRTs have a unique feature where visit variables (such as patient name, signalment, RDVM name) can be inserted into the MRT and then correctly populated when they are inserted into a medical record note (MRN). 

Data Place Holder Overview

SpecVet has another feature where using  "xxx"  in the body of the MRT acts as a place holder to allow quick substitution.  After the MRT has been inserted a user can quickly find the occurrences of "xxx"     For example,  ".... skin was closed with xxx in a routine fashion."

How to Insert a Visit Variable

While in the edit mode of a MRT select the button at the bottom of the text entry window called  ?????????

A pop up list with all the variables listed will be displayed.  Select the desired visit variable.

Navigate  your blinking cursor the part of the text you wish to use the variable and click as if you were about to type at that section.  Now navigate to the button and select .

This will insert the string of text required for the substitution.  For example "&&PTNAME" will be what is is seen in the MRT text window but when the MRT is used in a medical record, the patients name will be inserted.