Dashboard Preferences

Users can control and set various filters as their default, control what mini portals are displayed. And control what is their "Landing Page" when logging into SpecVet

Setting Default Filters

Above each portal row on the dashboard are 2 icons, on the left, the filter selector, on the right, the refresh data icon.

The applied filters is displayed on the far right.  In the current example, "All" the data is being displayed.


 After selecting the filter icon a filter window will appear.


The overall look and functionality of the filter window is the same for all filters.  The data fields that can be filtered will vary based on what the filter is designed for.

Select the desired data field filters.  Set as user default by selecting the middle "set default" button

This will "set" the data filer for this user. 

Every time the user logs into a workstations this filter will be applied.

Users can dynamically change the filters as they need to without changing the user default filters

To change the default filters, select the new data filters as needed and "set default" as before.

Secondary Data Portals

On the right side to the dashboard 3 smaller data portals are displayed. The double-headed arrow icons above control which three of these portals are displayed.


 Select the right or left arrow to view various portal arrangements available.

There is not "default arrangement selector".  SpecVet simply remembers the last arrangement a user was on and is displayed the next time a user logs in.

Landing Page

The users default landing page is controlled under user settings.  See the user setting FAQ for more details.