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Ordering Non-Visit Prescriptions

When a Client comes in to pick up a prescription for a Patient that does not have any active visits, the user must go through these steps to correctly generate an invoice to the Client record.

1.   Click on the "Contacts" icon on the SpecVet home page

2.   Choose your desired Contact Name (filterable)

3.   Click on the "Patients" tab at the left side of the screen

4.   Once the desired Patient has been located, click on the blue arrow next to the corresponding Patient ID

(Patients highlighted in RED are deceased; patients highlighted in BLACK are active)

5.  After clicking on the blue arrow, you will be automatically taken to the Patient Detail Module window 

6.   While viewing the ‘Patient Detail’ module, click on the "RXs" tab in the center of the screen

7.   To create a new prescription, click on the BLUE + New RX button on the right of the screen

8.   "Select a DVM" window will now appear.  Take the time to choose the correct prescribing DVM.

9.   After choosing your DVM, the "New RX" window will appear

10.  ‘Select Prescription Item’ window will appear.

There are 4 steps to consider in this window, and they are as follows:

  1. Enter Rx Information
  2. Refill Info
  3. If Dispensing, Check Info
  4. Action