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Duplicate Visits / Visits Made in Error

There should not be more than one open Visit for a Patient at any time.

Users might create a second Visit for a Patient, and then to "correct" their error, they will immediately close out one of the Visits.

There can be significant impact to how SpecVet works, based upon which Visit they close out.

Please follow these steps to "close out" an erroneously created Visit:

  1. Navigate to VISIT > INFO
  2. Change the PATIENT for the Visit to a Generic / Test / Dummy Patient.
  3. Close the Visit normally.

If you do not follow this process, you WILL have impacts to how SpecVet works.  For example, if you opened a Visit for Fluffy (Visit #123), and then someone else opened another Visit for Fluffy (Visit #125), and then realized that #125 was "in error".

If you close out that last created Visit you will experience issues with:

  • Cubex Billing
  • Imaging Integration
  • Rx's not being posted in Discharge notes
  • Rx's not being billing

It is CRITICAL that the "Last Visit" (the highest Visit number) for the Patient be the OPEN visit. Hence why you need to change the incorrect Visit to some "dummy patient".