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I can't find the scanned document I am looking for

If you can't find the scanned documents you are needing several possibilities exist

One of the reasons we use the QR code system as part of our DMS management is avoid missing scans.

  • It was scanned to the wrong related visit, patient or client.
    • please review all related folders to see if it was scanned to incorrect but related folder
  • It was scanned but was unable to be read or there was not QR code to be read
    • please check DMS manager for missed scans and correct
  • The wrong visit, patient, or client DMS label was used
    • this will be the most difficult situation to resolve.  You will need to work with local staff to uncover what happened as best as possible.  Read below are Pro Tip for managing scanned documents
  • The document does not exist

Pro Tip:  

With the QR codes SpecVet has eliminated  all errors associated with scanning documents that have a QR code. 

However, user errors do occur.

We recommend saving all the paper documents that were scanned in a  rotating file structure by day. Based on your clinics preference you can save the past 14 -21 days of scans.  (Longer times are possible but at some point become impractical due to space issues).  If no issues have been noted, simply discard the contents of the oldest folder and continue.

If a missing document is noted, search the saved folder for the appropriate day