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Adding Documents with ScanFront Scanner

Scanning Paper Documents

Using Canon ScanFront network scanners, Client, Patient and Visit documents can be scanned filed and archived with just the push of a button.  What is required is that the first page of the document that is scanned have the appropriate bar code on it and in  “good condition”.  The bar code could either come from a label, or printed directly onto the paper.  All remaining pages in the scan “job” will then be filed along with the first page.  There must only be ONE bar code on the first page.

Good condition means:

  • There is no writing through the bar code, or extremely close to it
  • That the bar code is “intact” that is hasn’t been 3-hole punched, folded over, etc. and is completely printed on the label
  • That the location of the bar code is NOT right along the edge of the sheet (the scanner does have a margin around the page that it is not able to read)
  • Ensure that there are no other conflicting stickers or bar codes on the page

Document Types

Visit Documents:  Those documents that are part of a specific Visit for that patient. This could include any intake forms, client/patient info forms, ICU/Treatment sheets, anesthesiology reports, etc.  Typically, copies of the RDVM’s medical record should NOT be included with these Visit documents.  There must be a Visit bar code either printed directly on the paper, or from a Visit label.

Patient Documents:  These are documents that are for an individual Patient, but not necessarily tied to a specific Visit.  Examples of these are copies of the Patient’s medical records from their RDVM, or Prescriptions from RDVMs that may be filled.

Client Documents:  Typically these documents will be used for admin/management for Clinic specific agreements, legal filings, financial arrangements, etc.  

Printing Visit Labels in SpecVet

From desired visit and click "Label" button at the top of the page.  When the label prints out, attach it to the top of your document.

You can also print a visit label by clicking on the Reports tab at the top of the visit page as well as the Dashboard.  

Printing Client or Patient Labels in SpecVet

To scan  Client or Patient, documents, navigate to the appropriate Client or Patient detail screen and click on the tab named DMS, then click the button named "DMS Contact Label" or "DMS Patient Label". 

You can also print Visit, "DMS Patient" or "DMS Client" labels  

from within the Visit’s Reports page under “Labels”:


Once  the label prints, attach it to the top of your document.  Only the first page of any given document is required to have a bar code on it as any subsequent pages will be considered to be part of the same document regardless of otter bar code.

************Unique documents must be scanned separately*************

Scanning the Documents

After the documents have the correct bar code label attached at the top of the page, you are now ready to scan the documents to the Document Management System so they are available for viewing in SpecVet X.

  1. Ensure your Canon scanner is turned on (this should always be left on).
  2. If there is no user logged in, and you are presented with a list of users, choose the user ‘Med Recs’ and log in. There is no password, so just click OK.
  3. Organize, straighten, and fan documents so that they will feed properly. Place the document into the scanner tray face down with the top edge of the document at the bottom of the tray.  [See diagram below].
  4. Click the Med Recs Job Button titled ‘Scan Documents’.
  5. All done!

SpecVet recommends storing all scanned documents for a portion of time prior to destroying the paper documents.

Viewing Scanned Documents in SpecVet

Once the documents have been scanned sent, it can take up to 5 minutes for the documents to be viewable in SpecVet.

They can be viewed from within a Visit, or from the Patient or Client DMS tabs.

From within a Visit, click on the "Reports" tab and find the "Scanned Docs" section in the middle of the page.  From here you can view Visit, Patient, and Client documents.

Under the Patient or Client details screens, click on the "DMS" Tab, then click the button "View Patient Docs" to view scanned patient documents: