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Send Documents to Clients and RDVMs - Video

With SpecVet you can quickly and easily send Robust Reports, Estimates , indivudual MRNs and Request for med Rec to Clients and RDVMs

By holding down a modifier key (control or option) you will be presented with new pane that allows you to print or preview documents but also allows you to send to RDVM, Client or a manually entered address

By using customized robust reports you can easily send updates to referring veterinarians.  This will keep them informed  immediately at key parts of the visit even if there is a delay in getting the medical record completed.

The same print send option exists for estimates with in a visit or at the patient level.   This can ease communication with clients regarding proposed upcoming care or procedures.

You can also send the “request for medical records form” directly from the appointment detail window.

Imagine all the time you will save and the improved service to your clients and primary care veterinarians by being able to send key documents and forms directly from specvet.