Orders - Overview

SpecVet's order system is a unique way for users in the clinic to request or que up future work.    The order system is an easy intuitive way to "formalizes" this request so that it can be communicated, tracked and billed for.     Orders can only be created with in a visit. (open or closed)

There can be any number of order types but the most common categories are: 

  •  imaging requests
  • inside lab requests
  • outside lab requests
  • treatment orders
  • communication orders


When an order is created it shows on intended staff members dashboard or order list based on their custom user preferences.   Staff members only see the orders that are intended for them without cluttering up their screens with non relevant information.    SpecVet's large screen whiteboards strategically placed throughout the hospital offer another way to communicate to staff easily and efficiently. No more forgotten labs or call backs !

Monitor status of an order

Orders based on category can have unique workflows.  This allows an efficient way for staff to update the completed or to be completed steps.   Some orders can have simple workflows, others may need more granular workflows.   

Examples of order workflows are:

Imaging workflow:  Order - Perform - Radiologist Review - Primay DVM Review

Outside Lab request:  Order - Perform - Submit - Results Received - DVM Review - Owner Com.

Communication workflow: Owner Called - Done


The order system can replace manual and  inaccurate lab logs or imaging logs for various users. 

Fee Capture

Orders can have any number of bill codes are added at any step and follow all billing logic.  Bill codes can be set so that only hospital management can delete or modify