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How to use and apply credit invoices

A credit invoice is a closed invoice where there is a negative balance ( the payment(s) applied to the invoice are greater than the total of charges.

At this point 2 options exist to manage

  • Refund the client this balance following your hospital policy on refunds
  • Apply the excess payment to another invoice

Credit Invoices can be viewed at the visit record or client record.  Clients with Credit invoices also show in SpecVet's AR menu process.  
The process of applying or transferring credit invoices is only managed at the client record under the payments tab

Navigate to the Client Record, select the payments tab and select transfer balance sub-tab

Applying a credit invoice acts like all other payments.  It will show in payment list, it will go towards or against DVM production.  It DOES NOT show in the payment reconciliation report as there are no new physical payments taken