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How to send visit medical record information to the client or RDVM

SpecVet has the easiest and best medical record communication workflow !   

  • You can easily send all, or selected portions of the medical record to RDVM or client.  
  • Our RDVM preferences automatically select the reporting preferences for each RDVM.
  • Automatically send up to 3 RDVMs  and select additional RDVMs if needed
  • Track status of RDVM email or fax and easily manage
  • Automatically set the reporting preferences for each provider in your clinic or set to a clinic standard

The Report Format

There are two formats available (see examples below)

  • Report Format - a clean and concise format that shows author, category, MRN type and date/time
  • Letter Format -  a report that is formated as a formal business letter.  Content can have page break or continuous format

The Content Selection Process

There are 6 options to manage the content that is sent

  • Custom Built - allows user to select any/all MRNs, Labs or Invoices
  • Discharge - sends only MRNs categorized as "Discharge"
  • Standard - sends only the MRN types your system classifies as "Standard"
  • None - sends no medical record notes
  • Include Labs - adds all labs with in the visit
  • Include Invoices - adds all visit invoices

Common Use Cases and Settings

For Client Report:

  • Format - Report
  • Content - Discharge, this would include all MRNs categorized as Discharge (i.e. Discharge Instructions, Client Education Pieces and Client Follow Up Instructions)
  • Labs - unchecked to not include
  • Invoices - checked to be included in report
  • Method - print and/or email as desired


For RDVM report:

  • Format - Report
  • Content - Standard, this would include all MRN types categorized as to be "standard"  Common types are Hx, PE, Assessment, Progress Notes, Surgery or Procedure Notes and Dischage Instructions
  • Labs - checked to include all labs
  • Invoices - unchecked to not include
  • Method - Auto Send or Manual.   This selects all communications of included visit RDVMs.  The Manual step queues up the communication but requires users to click one more button to send the records.  The Automatic step queues up and sends the communication based on RDVM's preferences without any further action needed.

The "Auto Send" Feature does save on a step but should be used with caution.  Once executed and sent, there is no further review process.

Previously Built Reports and Recipient Status

Previously Built Reports:

  • show type of report (MR - Medical Record vs RR - Robust Report)
  • date/time of report built (not the date time of send)
  • recipients name (RDVM or Client)

Recipients:   Each communication method that is associated with a report

  • Green highlight - communication was sent
  • Yellow highlight - communication is in process (faxes only)
  • Red highlight - communication has failed (faxes only)