The Visit Report Tab - Robust Reports

Robust Reports is a feature in SpecVet where local system administrators can create custom forms or notification with in SpecVet

The benefit of using Robust Reports are:

  •  very professional looking, much better than a pre-printed form with hand written notes or label
  • can automatically insert visit variables for a high degree of personalization
  • easily edited and managed by local hospital leadership
  • no more outdated or unused forms
  • automatically prints the SpecVet visit QR code for DMS
  • reports can be printed, saved as a pdf, emailed or faxed directly from SpecVet

Common Examples of Robust Reports

  • Radiograph Release
  • Euthanasia Release
  • Request for Medical Records
  • Notification of Admit, Discharge for RDVM's
  • Admit/Triage Forms
  • Various Client Consent Forms (blood donor, clinical trial etc)

How to select and Print/Send a Robust Report