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How to manage and update discharge steps and visit status

Discharging a patient/visit is competed by using 2 main layouts in SpecVet.  Visit reports tab and Visit Payment tab.

"Discharging a visit" is a broad action that involves  the following actions or steps

  • Monitoring the "discharge steps" in the visit report tab as well as visit status from the clinical dashboard or visit record
  • Applying any payments to outstanding invoices (this is done at visit payment tab)
  • Select and send robust reports notifying RDVM of discharge (if desired)
  • RDVM and client reporting preferences are set or modified.  This step determines the format, method of communication and the content of the documents
  • Execute the print/send records so all parties are upto date
  • Setting a visit record to discharge removes the visit from active visit list (clinical dashboard)
  • Sets the visit discharge date/time and calculates the length of the visit
  • Sets the invoice status to closed to prevent further edits and sets the invoice date

Monitoring the "Discharge Steps" and the status of the visit

The discharge steps in a visit record is a way for all staff to communicate with one another if a visit/patient is ready to be "discharged"  This typically involves the medical staff communicating the the front office staff when things are ready.  A visit can have a variety of status types such as admitted or outpatient.

When all the discharge steps are checked by staff this changes the status to "D/C Ready"  A predefined status in the SpecVet settings

This new status can be viewed on any visit record tab or from the clinical dashboard.

Setting the visit status to "Discharged"

Several Key steps occur when the discharged selection is checked

  • Sets discharge date and time, calculates length of visit
  • Removes them from the "Open Visit List" on the clinical dashboard
  • Sets status and location of visit to discharge
  • Communicates with Cubex and Smart Flow to remove visit from their active list
  • Closes and locks the associated visit invoices

Setting the status of the Medical Record