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The estimate detail window - How to fine tune the presentation of an estimate to a client

The Estimate Detail window is where a variety of fields and parameters regarding the the estimate can be modified and updated.  These can help convey information to all of the staff with in the clinic and it can help improve the presentation of the estimate to the client and provide additional clarification where needed.

  1. Estimate Date - defaults to the current date but can be forward dated or back dated as needed
  2. # of Hrs of Care - this field prints on the estimate printout and describes the length of time the estimate is intended to cover (i.e. 4 hours, 12 hours 48 hours)
  3. The title of the estimate - select the blue squire to get your pre-defined list of estimate titles
  4. The title of the estimate - can be manually entered or modified (when you add a billing template to an estimate if gives you the option to update the estimate title with the template title)
  5. Estimate Status -can be set to: proposed (the default value), accepted, declined, previously accepted.   If an estimate is accepted the high end total of the the accepted estimate(s) is displayed at the top of the visit record header.    
  6. Accpt'd Notes - a bief field to add an annotation regarding the estimate
  7. Displays which visit the estimate is attached to - if desired a previous visit estimate or patient estimate can be attached to the visit
  8. The Printed Notes - is an area of text where you can add some qualifying language to your estimate printout that adds value or clarification for the client
  9. Internal notes - an area where staff (if desired) can add some additional notes about the estimate or client expectations.  (*** often times these notes are added as a client communication MRN to give them better visibility)
  10. The sub totals displayed are the mathematical sum of the low and high qty of the bill codes.  A user could over write the exact sums to put in a more "rounded number"  In the example above the sum is $3092.00 - $6075.00.   A better presentation to the client may be to have it displayed as $3000.00 - $6100.00.   (** using the approximate rounded numbers sounds more like an estimate and less like a quote )