How to create an invoice

Invoice Type

Visit Invoices - invoices that are created with in the context of a visit.   This is where the vast majority of the billing activity occurs.    Every time a new visit is created a new visit invoice is automatically created. Additional visit invoices can be created manually as needed.

Client Invoice - invoices that are created under a client, unrelated to a visit.  This is typically used for product purchased or prescription (refill or new) outside of a visit.   Client invoices for products that are not for prescriptions needed to be created manually.  New Rx or Rx Refills will automatically create a new invoice in the process of updating the status of an prescription.

Invoice Status

Open - Line Items can be added to it and deleted from it  **

Active/Inactive - applies to visit invoices only.     The active invoice is the one that automated charges are added to (cubex, orders, smart flow etc) automatically

Closed - closed and a balance exists (+ or - balance) Can not be edited

Paid - closed and balance is 0.00.  Can not be edited


** deletion of bill codes respect billing rules based on number of hours editing bill entries is allowed and various billing rules used for automated  billing systems (cubex, orders, rx's,  smart flow etc)

Creating a new Visit Invoice

Navigate to the desired vist and select the Invoice Tab.

Generally you only need one invoice per visit.  Most commonly a second invoice is created to make a last minute adjustment to add or remove a purchase or service at the time of checkout after the original invoice was closed.  

How to change which invoice is active ?     Control click on the desired invoice to make it the active one for automated billing processes.

Creating a new Client Invoice

Navigate to the desired client and select the invoice tab

You need to manually close the invoice once your work is completed so that the invoice date and status can be set correctly