How to create an estimate

An estimate can be created within a visit record or at a patient record.  You can have multiple estimates within a visit or at the patient record.

All the estimates for a patient can be viewed at the visit record or at the patient record

Billing items  can be added to an estimate  manually by adding individual bill codes or by adding a billing template(s) or some combination of both.

Creating or duplicating a visit estimate

Managing and understanding the estimate list

The estimate detail window

  • Numerous details about the estimate can be set or managed in the estimate detail.
  • The date of the estimate
  • The name of the estimate which can be edited or set to the billing template name
  • How long the estimate is valid for
  • The number of hours of care the estimate will cover
  • Visit Status (Proposed, Accepted, Previously Accepted, Declined)
  • Approval Notes - a small description if needed
  • Printed Notes, this is additional text which is added the the standard language with in the estimate.  
  • Internal Notes for further annotation if needed
  • The high and low range of the estimate cost