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How to add items to an invoice

Navigate to the desired visit record or client invoice and select the desired invoice.  


Selecting the provider

The provider defaults given the following logic:

If the user is a provider, the selected provider will be that user/provider.  

If the the user is not a provider, the selected provider will be set to attending or current DVM based on system settings

If a different provider is desired simply click on the provider name field and pull up a list of other providers, if there is a long list of providers the search field can be used.

Selecting or Editing Date/TIme

The default date/time in the bill entry screen is the current date time.  If the date time is set to current date/time then no data is displayed

You can roll back or forward the date and time by selecting the field.  The amount of roll back or roll forward is based on system settings in your system.

Billing Entry

Manual bill code entry can occur by one 3 ways

Enter by bill code "code"  (the code is a brief numeric, alpha or alpha-numeric unique identifier)

Entering by code requires user to have reasonable knowledge about the codes used.  If the code "Emerg" is the code describing an emergency exam fee, typing in "e" then "m"  then "e"  will bring up pull down list of all the bill codes sorted by code and go to the portion of the bill code list that start with "eme".    If the user is confident on the code they can simply type it in completely which will display selected code  and then tab to modify qty if desired.    When code and quantity are selected the return key will enter the code into the invoice

Enter by bill code description

Entering by description is the same mechanical steps but now the type ahead is based one the text used to describe the bill code.  It still requires the user to have some knowledge on what and how bill codes are described.

Enter by use of bill code "picker"

The bill code picker brings up a new "Select bill codes for this invoice" window.  In this method the user can find bill codes  with any combination of numbers or text and the matching bill codes will be displayed.  It will match if the the number/text sequence is used anywhere in the code, description, internal description or notes field. (this is the most expansive and robust way to find bill codes)

Select as many codes as desired and select done when finished

The bill code picker entry method is great for rarely used charges or it is great for new or temporary staff

Bill codes are automatically entered through orders, cubex, smart flow or Rxs saving time and decreased missed charges