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How to start a new visit medical record

There are 3 basis ways to start making medical record entries into a visit record

  • Create a single MRN and begin entry
  • Select initial MRN group which will contain unto 6 of the most common initial MRNs used
  • Add a SuperMRT which adds desired MRNs with the medical record templates already pre-selected

All methods begin the same way by navigating to the desired visit record and selecting the "blue +" add a MRN button and complete by selecting the "Add" button

If you use the "select Initial MRNs" method you can add or remove additional MRNs by selects or deselecting the desired MRNs

The default date / time is set to the current date and time.  You can roll back or forward date within the limits allowed by your system to better reflect when the activity occurred