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Visit Records - Overview

SpecVet is unique in how it structures its medical record data.

Like other systems, SpecVet has client records and patient records but we add another layer of structure  called a visit record.    All medical record activity, notes, invoicing, procedures occur in the context of a visit.

Every time a patient is seen in the hospital a new visit record is created.   

Associated with the visit record is key data points like:

  • Admit date
  • Discharge date
  • RDVM or multiple referring veternarians
  • Referral source
  • Admitting Service
  • Admitting DVM
  • Site (location)
  • Status
  • Communication status and reports

By having this extra level of structure we make it easier to track key data points and we streamline the process of delivering care to clients and organizing medical records and all the activity that goes into delivering care to your clients and patients.