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Payment Reconciliation Report

The payment reconciliation report is used in the process of reconciling a specific cash drawer of all  payments taken in (cash, checks, CC, care credit etc) against all the payments entered in SpecVet

The payments that are included are all payments  that have been added since the last reconciliation process. 

There is no "set time" when this payments are marked reconciled, this gives users flexibility on when this process is completed or how often it is completed.

Pro Tip: It is recommended that you reconcile payments at least every 24 hours, in some settings it is advised that it is done 3 times per day with shift changes.   The more frequent the reconciliation process is done the easier it is to manage and "catch" user errors.

Pro Tip:  Best Practice to Process  and Reconcile Payments

  • Print the report without reconciling.  Lock or don't lock drawer as desired
  • If possible, move away from client view to reconcile payment drawer agains the report
  • Use the convenient check boxes to keep your process organized
  • If there are user errors, correct them in SpecVet (missed payment, mis-classification of payment)
  • Once all payments are accounted for Select the payment reconciliation report again, print a new copy if desired and mark them as reconciled.
  • On your final printed copy subtotal the actual payments received in footer workspace and use to check against data in SpecVet under each payment type
  • Sign and verify
  • Add any notes for clinic manager


Many credit card machines are set to "auto batch" at a certain time of day (12:00 midnight). You should review this setting as often in 24 hour or after hour hospitals rarely is it possible to reconcile payments exactly at midnight.  It is desired that the cc reconciliation occur at the same time you are are reconciling SpecVet entries