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System settings apply to all the sites under a given SpecVet system.  We do offer site settings that are unique to each site.

How do I change the reference calculation used to suggest DVM productivity ratios ?

SpecVet is unique in the industry in that it has the ability to assign "variable production" at a given bill code.  This could be based on various business rules but for product based bill codes such as supplies or lab costs it it often based on how much mark up occurs at a given bill code.

The above screen shows our default calculation. (see above #1)

Use this calculation template and modify to your own business rules

How do I change the referral source that displays when creating a visit ?

When creating a new visit SpecVet provides a list of referral sources so that you can better track your marketing efforts.  This referral source tracking is available in our SpecVet BI as well as visit exports.

This list is customizable in the system preferences. (see above #2)

You can simply list the referral sources you want to track the area provided in system settings.  Be sure to have carriage return at the end of your list.`

Pro Tip:

When creating a list of referral sources the key is to  provide a reasonable number of options.  This may require logical groupings of your referral source. By example: instead of listing each social media account consider creating a group called "social media"  

The purpose of this selection is to get an overview of your marketing efforts not to track individual users which typically can be done with in the social media platform.

This concept applies to any categorization that you do ... provide simple limited number of options and don't confuse the user with too many choices or nuanced choices

How do I control how long medical records (MRNs) can be edited ?