A text list of payments that are accepted at a given site.  You need a "carriage return" after each value

Payment Drawers

Sets the name(s) of Payment Drawers at a given site.  To add an additional drawer, simply complete empty field at the bottom of the list.  An option to lock the drawer for an indefinte amount of time is available.


Billing High Bal Flag - sets the absolute dollar value when a financial flag will appear in a given visit

Billing High Bal Flag Ratio - sets the ratio or % of billing to paid when a financial flag will appear.

*** can only use one of these values at a time, absolute $ or % ***

Billing_Hours Editable - number of hours that a billing item can be edited.  Does not apply to auto billed items.  Can be over riden for a given user with user privileges

Tax - sets calculated user tax for a given site.  Individual bill codes also need to set to be "taxable"

Tax District Name - sets the name for the taxing district for sales tax reports